About Us

Castle Crow & Company is a merchant banking group that primarily initiates transactions and makes equity and debt investments in privately held companies. In conjunction with nationally recognized and respected private equity sources and financial institutions, we facilitate leveraged buyouts, management buyouts, recapitalizations, minority equity investments and mezzanine capital investments with privately held businesses and subsidiaries or divisions of public companies. Additionally, we provide a variety of advisory services to business owners and management teams to assist them in creating growth and exit strategies with the goal of successful transactions that maximize shareholder value.

As a leading merchant bank serving the middle market, Castle Crow is able to present business owners and management teams with creative and flexible solutions that address the issues specific to their businesses while maximizing the value of a transaction. We provide companies with alternatives to make logical and informed decisions regarding the most beneficial time and structure under which to execute a transaction.

Whether the goal is to optimize specific long-term growth objectives, achieve liquidity through a sale of the company, source the capital required to complete a management buyout or acquire another business, we can provide the solutions to successfully achieve your goals.

Our transactions typically take the form of one of the following:

Recapitalizations and Buyouts

Provide owners an opportunity to achieve liquidity through a sale of all or a portion of their company for estate planning or asset diversification purposes.

Management Buyouts

Provide management teams with the capital needed to acquire businesses from a corporate parent or private owner.

Growth Capital

Provide business owners with the capital required to execute acquisition strategies or to expand a company's product line, services, or facilities.

Minority Equity Investments

Provide the capital required through a minority equity investment in a company to achieve any combination of the objectives outlined above.

Mezzanine Capital Investments

Provide flexible mezzanine financing to support acquisitions, recapitalizations, buyouts, and organic growth in family owned or sponsor backed companies.

Strategic Advisory Services

Provide exclusive advisory services to business owners which are primarily focused on strategic action steps to maximize shareholder value.

Castle Crow welcomes the opportunity to explore transaction alternatives directly with business owners and management teams, as well as with investment professionals, accountants, attorneys and others in the financial community. All communications and any information shared in this regard will be handled in a highly confidential manner.